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Google Drive New Backup System Coming Soon

It’s no secret that Google Drive is one of the handiest backup tools available right now. Let’s face it, Drive has saved everyone’s life at least once. Of course, if you use it to back up your work, which you should because backing up your work is crucial. And now Google are expanding Drive past its initial scope, and it will soon be able to back up select folders from your computer or even all the folders on it if you let it do so.

New Backup System Coming Soon

This new feature that allows Google Drive to periodically back up files straight from your own computer or laptop is coming soon, namely on the 28th of June. Less than two weeks from now, we will be able to use this amazing feature and never lose important files again. The feature comes in the form of an app which is called Backup and Sync, and which has the ability to replace both the Google Drive app, as well as the Google Photos Backup one.

Google also recommends the app more towards regular users, advising business users to stick to Google Drive for the time being. This might mean that a new app is also coming that will specifically cater to business-type computers and laptops. We all know that running a business from your computer needs special kinds of programs and other specifically catered things, so it would be good to see Google offer such services as well.

However, the Google storage limit of 15GB will most likely stay the same, so remember that when turning on the Backup and Sync feature for your entire computer. It will most likely eat up that space in no time, so be careful how you use it.

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