Google Drive Hidden Features – Quick Access and Impressive Tips

Google Drive can be used every day from home to make a schedule for your kids this summer, or for adding folders of recipes. It can also be used for work or to write blog posts, or even to share your most favorite things with your friends. Once you start using it will be hard to imagine your online life before Google Drive

If you are already a long time user or just a newbie, the following hidden features will help you go around Google Drive easier.

Quick Access

This feature adds thumbnails to the top of the My Drive and this will give you quick access to the most recent modified files. You can find Quick Access in drive Settings and click box to make relevant files handy when you most need them.

Get Rid of Photos from Recent View

If you open Google Drive’s Recent View to find a relevant document that you need to use for your work a lot of photos will appear as well that are going to make the search harder. For the moment Google Drive dose not give you the option to get rid of them, so this is a small workaround.  Just enter in the search field –JPG and all the photos will disappear, making it a lot easier to find relevant files. This workaround can be also be used on the mobile application.

Links Instead of Attachments

A Driver icon is at the bottom of Gmail window. This allows you to attach files stored in Google Drive or simply send a link. For Google drive formats the only option is to send a link to the file but for other formats like PDF, Word docs or images you can both send them as a link or as an attachment.

Filter Search

This one is very easy to find. In the search box at the top of Google Drive there’s a down-arrow button along the right edge. Click it and a panel of search options to filter your search results. If you have used Google Drive for a long time you have accumulated a large library of files and this search is hugely useful to narrow your results. You can filter by date modified, file type and owner.

Phone Backup

If you want to back up most important data from the phone to Google Drive, you can do it a single tap. On the mobile app go to Setting > Backup and after that choose what files you want to back up. Then just press Start Backup button and in a few minutes every thig will be online. For this the best thig will be to be connected to a Wi-Fi and the phone plugged in.

Quickly Formatting

You have a few options for clearing the formatting for text you paste into Docs. You can highlight the text and select Normal text from the toolbar at the top. Or you can go to Format > Clear formatting. You can avoid the format-removal process by holding down Shift when you paste text.

Sync Folders on PC or Mac

You can make the Google Drive folder appear just like any other folder from the desktop and you can escape the trouble to access it form a browser. All you have to do is to install Google Drive App on Mac or Pc and after that go to Preferences > Sync Option and Sync he entire My Drive content or just what you wish.

If this article came in handy write in the comment section. Also if you have other amazing hidden features and we have omitted share it with us so other users can benefit from it.

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