Google Decides to Mandate Linux Kernel Versions in Android 8.0

Google Decides to Mandate Linux Kernel Versions in Android 8.0

It is almost a decade since Google starting creating and offering users the Android operating system. There are many fans of Android all over the world since Google acquired it back in 2005 and released it officially in 2008.

Google will mandate Linux Kernel Versions

So far Google has put rules and limitations to companies wanting to use the main Android configurations. The same rules applied to the Linux kernel version; however, it seems that Google will change things starting with the new operating system Android 8.0 Oreo. The decision seems to have come after security issues started to appear after some years.

On the site, the 3.18 version of Linux is EOL (end of line). Google decided that starting 2017, all smartphones, supporting the Android Oreo update, are required that al SoCs produced in 2017 to run with kernel 4.4 or newer versions. The 4.4 kernel version is much more secure and at the same time, it will help companies to not to invest so much money in security. Of course, this does not guarantee that there will be no more vulnerabilities, but it means reducing efforts in security fixes.

The American giant also requires that all devices using Android Oreo to support Project Treble from the beginning. This will make it easier to upgrade Linux kernel versions.

Android Oreo 8.0

The new operating system released by Google is twice as fast as previous versions. It also helps users minimize background activity in the apps and it also allows you to use two apps at once. The Oreo update also helps Android users keep their device safe by scanning daily over 50 billion apps, even if you have not installed most of them. Battery life will also be longer and new emojies are available.

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