Google Chrome’s Disable Developer Mode Extensions

There are plenty of internet browsers nowadays; however one of the most popular ones is for sure Chrome, offered by Google. Whenever a user wants to install non Chrome Web Store extensions, the following warning is displayed: “Disable developer mode extensions”.  The frustrating thing about this warning is that it will not go away until you choose one of the two existing options: Disable or Cancel.

Why is this warning necessary?

According to Google, this warning is displayed to counterattack malware which force-installed in the past extensions to Chrome. If you trust the source from which you have downloaded your Google Chrome extension or you simply are a developer of such extension, then the easiest option to avoid this warning is by using Google Canary.

What is Google Canary?

Google has made so far four release channels: Stable, beta, dev and canary. Most users use the stable channel. Google Canary is a newer channel, which, although not very much verified and tested, it does have the latest features added by Google. Google Canary will not display warnings regarding the extensions you want to install and are not from the Chrome Web Store.

What about Enterprise versions of Windows?

If you are not using Chrome from your home PC, then while using your work laptop, you can hide this warning with the help of the Group Policy Editor (available fo Windows, Mac and Linux).

How to disable developer mode extensions warning in Chrome:

Online you can find instructions on how you can remove this warning if you are using Google Chrome from a PC using Windows Operating System. The policy file will come as a zip archive and extraction is needed. After the extraction the files have to be moved, then the extensions need to be opened and enter User configuration in order to set the policy to enable.