Google Chrome Update Available with Amazon Videos Capabilities

Good news for people who love Amazon Video! Thanks to the recent updates, you can watch high-quality streaming with the help of Chromecast. Francois Beaufort, who is famous for knowing almost everything about Google, announced on Google+ that the tech giant is currently working on improving the quality of the casting video feature from a Google Chrome browser tab to the TV.

You Can Test It

If you are one of the people who love tinkering with their browsers, then you can test out the new feature right away. For now, it’s an experimental flag on the most recent versions of the popular browser for Mac, Windows, Linux and Chromecast.

More about Tab Casting

The tab casting technology, also called screen mirroring, from the PC is for the moment the only way in which you can see Amazon Video on the Chromecast. Honestly, the quality is not that great, and for this reason, it’s just as if Amazon Video were not available. But this doesn’t apply just to this service. If you try to stream from any other service that is not compatible with the Chromecast, you will see a poor quality video, stuttering and various jumps in audio.


However, the new feature improves everything through its approach: basically, it forwards the video stream directly to Chromecast, whenever you play a video in full screen mode on the computer. As such, it should work with any kind of video. Even so, the happiest people are the Amazon Video fans. And this happens because most likely Amazon Video will never be compatible with Chromecast, since the company already has their Fire TV alternative.

We don’t know for now whether the feature will also be kept in the final, stable version of Chrome, without having to use an experimental flag, but we all hope so.

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