Google Chrome Upcoming Update Comes With Fixes For An Exclusive Feature

Google Chrome Upcoming Update Comes With Fixes For An Exclusive Feature

Google is currently working on a new update that will be released for its Chrome browser. It seems that the company is working on a major update in image quality when trying to stream video content wirelessly, using the Cast functionality that the browser comes with.

Sending Video from your Google Chrome to Google Chromecast can sometime cause some lackluster video quality, including frame drops and stuttering video. However, this is about to change soon enough, as François Beaufort, member of the Chrome team, has confirmed this update.

On the social network page (Google+), Beaufort has mentioned that the Chrome team is currently “experimenting in Dev Channel with improving the ‘Cast a tab’ experience by forwarding directly the video content bitstream to the Chromecast device when a video is fullscreened.” He also mentioned that this new update will allow you to save battery, but at the same time, to keep video quality intact.

Rather than mirroring an entire browser tab, which will result in low-quality video playback, the new Chrome browser version will just send the video stream to the Chromecast device. You will just need to toggle on full-screen mode and the software will do the rest of the job.

Thanks to this update, you will notice that the quality of the videos streamed on your Chromecast via Google Chrome will be way better than before. Developers say that it will actually look like you are using a Chromecast compatible app to stream a video directly from the dongle itself.

It seems that Google Chrome is getting better and better, as the big search engine company is trying to keep up the pace with its rival browsers such as Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Opera.

What are your thoughts about this upcoming Google Chrome update? Are you using Google Chrome to stream content to your Chromecast device?

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