Google Chrome Tips and Tricks – How To Mute Tabs

Chrome is a very popular web browser that has been developed by Google. We can say that currently, this is one of the most used web browsers out there. Google Chrome comes with many features and options, but the big search engine company is also continuously working on it.

Today we will talk about an upcoming feature that Google is currently working at. It seems that the new option will finally allow you to mute auto-playing videos.

Even if the muting feature is still under development, the developers are allowing us to try it right now. However, in order to access it you will need to install the Google Chrome Canary, which is the developer-focused version of the browser that comes with newer, but more experimental features.

At the same time, the Canary version of Google Chrome is not as stable as the standard version of the browser, so you should NOT use it as your default browser. After installing the Google Chrome Canary on your computer, you will have to launch it from the terminal or command line, by adding “—enable-features=SoundContentSetting” to the command.

To turn the sound on and off, you will just need to click on the website information box in the URL bar (the icon is a lowercase “i” or a green lock if you are currently on a secure web page).

To temporarily mute tabs, you will have to right-click on them and select “Mute Tab.” However, in case your Chrome browser doesn’t support tab muting, you can always enable it manually by writing “chrome://flags” into the URL bar and once the page loads, you will see a list of disabled experimental features. Search for “Mute” to find the tab “Audio Muting UI Control” and enable it.

After enabling this feature, you will activate the speaker indicator in your tab, but you will also have the possibility to right-click and mute tab(s). Keep in mind that if you close the web page, it will NOT remain muted when you will visit it again.

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  1. Great Article!. I’ve thought about downloadnig canary but I’m a little hesitant about unstable browser. There’s a chrome extension I like to use that provides similar functionality to chrome. The extension is called “Auto Mute Inactive Tabs” and it’s pretty helpful. It keeps only the active tab audible while muting the rest until made active. Worth installing.

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