Google Chrome Best Hidden Tricks You Can Pull Off Everything

Google Chrome is a very easy to use browser and it does not require a whole lot of skill in order to operate correctly. In a matter of minutes, you can learn everything there is to learn about the basic functions. However, you will find that those who power use the browser will generally know more things about it than you. Everyone can be perfectly fine just using the basics, but for those interested in learning a couple of secreted tricks with the Chrome browser, we have prepared a treat. Here are some of the most interesting and satisfying tricks you can pull off with the Google Chrome browser, which not many know about.

Incognito Mode

After all the memes and internet running jokes about the browser history, you’d think that by now everyone knew about Incognito Mode. Apparently not, as there are still many people that need to explain themselves sooner or later about their search history. If that doesn’t sound like a good time for you, you should start using Incognito Mode, a special mode in which all your browsing remains unrecorded. Things you browse in this mode will not be added to your browsing history. You can activate it from Menu> New Incognito Window.

Search on websites directly from the web address bar

This is a very useful trick that many people aren’t aware of. It can get quite tiring to how to go to a website, access a certain page on its home page, and only then start searching for whatever it is you need. You can change your habits and make it a lot easier for yourself. When you type out a website address in the address bar, you can press Tab at the end of it to turn it into a search engine.

For example, if you want to search for a specific YouTube video without actually going to the site, just press Tab once you write the site name in the address bar and you’ll see how it turns into a specific YouTube search bar. This feature is called the Omnibox and it can be very valuable for those in a hurry or that just like doing things really snappy.

Separating tabs

If you’re the kind of person that opens a lot of tabs on a regular basis, to the point where they can’t find what they need anymore, this is for you. Normally, we have a couple of important tabs surrounded by junk or less important stuff. If you want to be able to instantly find that one tab, you can pin it. Just right click it and select Pin Tab. This will make it “undeletable” basically. Another option is to click it and then drag it downward. This will rip it from the conglomerate of opened tabs and put it in its own browser window. It’s also very effective.

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