Google Chrome 90: Here’s How The New Update Will Change Your Internet Browsing Experience

Chrome 90, a major update of Google Chrome, has been released with several improved features and an additional

Chrome 90, a major update of Google Chrome, has been released with several improved features and an additional feature called FLoC. This newly introduced version of the Chrome internet browser serves multiple benefits such as video streaming at slower data speeds, less data consumption, and much secure internet surfing. Here are some of the key highlights of the Chrome 90 version of the Chrome internet browser by Google.

  1. Improved Video Meetings and Hotspot Experience

The new codecs by Google and AV1 encoder enable better quality video calling at an internet speed as low as 30kbps. This means that if you are using a mobile hotspot to connect on a video call on your laptop, you will have an improved conferencing experience.

  1. Secure Internet Browsing

In the Chrome 90 update, Google will automatically open the HTTPS version of the website. It is considered to be more secure as compared to the HTTP version which was earlier used by Google to open a website.

  1. Improved Augmented Reality

A newly added feature of WebXR Depth-Sensing API will provide a better and accurate gaming and augmented reality experience to the users. That’s because the feature can measure the distance between the user and the device more accurately.

  1. Faster Video Loading

Chrome 90 has a ‘Lite’ mode that enables faster video loading even at low data speeds by reducing the bitrates of the videos.

  1. Easier File Uploading

The new update by Google allows you to simply copy and paste the files onto the Chrome browser instead of clicking on the upload button and finding the file from the pop-up menu. Since access to the website through clipboard will be provided only when you paste the file by pressing Ctrl+V, it will provide additional security to the user.

  1. Protection Against Fraudulent Websites

In the new Chrome 90, users can hide the complete URLs of the websites. This will help them to distinguish between genuine and phishing websites.

  1. Blocked Prompts

Google will be blocking the pop-up notifications by the websites for subscriptions and notifications to enhance the internet browsing experience of the users. Such notifications can be seen by the user from the bell icon present besides the address bar.

  1. Introduction of FLoC

By the concept of Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoC), Google will be creating a group of users with the same interests. The advertisers can present the relevant ads to these groups.

  1. Better RAM Management

Google Chrome 90 will utilize fewer data, memory, and battery while browsing on the internet. This will improve RAM management.

  1. Improved Support for PDF Files

Chrome 90 will provide a better experience to the users concerning PDF XFA files. There will be a two-page view in addition to the presentation mode.

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