Google Assistant vs. Amazon Alexa – What There Is To Know

How we interact with our devices has changed a lot over the last decade, and the main cause for that is the rise of artificial intelligence. The first attempt at controlling phones, tablets or other devices through the help of AI was made by Apple with Siri, and now Google also has its Google Assistant and Amazon has Alexa. Today we’re taking a look at how Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa answer the same questions, and then draw conclusions on that.

Same Questions, Different Answers

Did you ever use more than one AI service? If so, you might have noticed that, depending on whom the developer of the service is, the answer to the same trivial question can vary. An experiment conducted on the two services proved exactly that. When Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa were asked the exact same questions, they gave inherently different answers, or variations of the same idea expressed in a totally different manner.

While this in itself doesn’t necessarily prove that one service is bad and the other one is good, or that one has been thought over more than the other or anything else of the sort, it does show one unitary truth: artificial intelligence still has a long way to go, or at least this sort of AI that is common to our everyday life. More advanced, heavy-duty AI systems might perform better, but we don’t have them in our phones.

The problem with the two services when answering the same questions was that, while the information they provided was factual and accurate on some sort of level, it still failed to grasp the complexity of how humans formulate and inflect a sentence. This means that the ‘artificial’ in ‘artificial intelligence’ still very much dominates the way in which these services perform and respond.

  1. Had the Echo since it launched but the Google Home (GH) is what I missed while on holiday recently.

    What many do not realize is the Echo uses commands. So you memorize things like “song goes like …” With the GH you just talk like you would to your wife. So for a song just say it anyway you want with whatever you have. Hey google play stefani bottle and you get Gwen Stefani and Sting singing message in a bottle.

    With the Echo you have to do a quick google search to get the song name and then ask for it but with the GH you skip a step.

    The GH is now embedded into my family’s life. From listening to white sound like thunderstorms during the evening to my kids fighting over which Bob Burger episode they are going to watch in the morning. Then all day long. Last Night see Steve Kerr in the audience at Xavier game.

    Why? Hey google where did steve Kerr go to school and get an exact answer.

    See Steph Curry’s wife in audience at a game last week. Just ask Google and get an answer. It is very lifelike though. Start talking, forget what I was going to ask and say “I forgot” and she saids “yes happens to me all the time”. But next time I say “nevermind” and she saids “let’s move forward”. She got the nuance of the “I”. But it also changes.
    Most life like have ever used. This is the real deal. Yes, I am a fan.

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