Google Allo Tips And Tricks

Have you ever thought of using a chat application? How’s the experience of using the same to connect with your loved ones? The texting applications are undoubtedly a wonderful way to staying in touch, but the best part is their beautiful interface and their features. Today, they are not just helping in getting in touch with the personal networks, but they will help you with the professional ones as well. The applications for chat are in abundance in the market and you can easily install them on your mobiles or PC without any issue in just a few seconds and they are quite simple to use too. If you are looking for a chat application then you can consider the recently launched Google Allo!

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What Is Google Allo?

Google Allo is an instant messaging app which will help you in expressing yourself well through Emoji, doodle, and stickers.

Pictures always express more than you can say.Google Allo will help you to get in touch with your friends and family and let them know how you are feeling and what you are up to. This application comes with a Google assistant that can help you at times in your response. Let’s see some of the Google Allo tips and tricks.


The Most Useful Google Allo Tips And Tricks

Start responding smartly

Google Allo assistant is a wonderful tool that can be used to reply smartly. The assistant takes care of your responses on a daily basis and can help you with quick suggestions so that you can save time with the response and act smartly.


Set up your alarm

With Google Allo, you can set up the alarms and the process is quite simple that you just need to send a message to Google Allo and the alarm gets on at the time you wanted. If you are not able to enter the time you want them to ring, then the Google Allo take a proactive call and start giving you the suggestions for the alarm timing to be set.


Weather Forecast in just fractions of seconds

You can get a weather forecast on your mobile just by typing, “What’s the weather like” or “What’s the temperature today”. The forecast or the temperature with some of the short information will be displayed on your screen. If you want a full description of the weather, they will take you to the website known as and you can check out the full forecast. And the best part about it is that you can subscribe to it on a daily basis too.


Locate nearby hung up cafes

This section of the applications responds very smartly and you do not need to bother with explaining or typing your requirement on the screen. You just need to type restaurants nearby and the app will locate the places that you can visit. The restaurant ratings can also be checked and you will know where they stand out today.


Status of your flights

The flight status can be checked through just by entering the number and asking for your status. And the time, terminal and the gate number will be displayed on your screen. This will help you in scheduling your time accordingly on a short notice.



Set up reminders and get going

Reminders on the screen can be set up as there are lots of people who stay busy all day and sometimes forget to be on time in meetings and flights. This is a very important part of the application for such kind of people, as it will help them with flights and updates on time about appointments, meetings and conferences.


Play a game

This is not a default feature but yes, the app has the services for you in this regard, so you don’t need to worry about and the game. If you have some free time, and want to relax by playing a game, you can do just that.


Images Doodling

You can send your friends decorative images. This will help you in describing yourself, as what you are thinking about the picture and make them lucrative too.


Lay emphasis on the single word

While texting to your friend list you can also give importance to a single word while all others remain on a dormant side. This will surely help in making your work simpler and the recipient is also conveyed by what you want from them. This is a smart place to convey your thoughts to others. So, do try this smart feature on your device.


Isn’t it fun? It sure is. If you haven’t tried Google Allo just yet, do it now. You will love it!

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