Google Allo for Web: Redesigning in the Pipeline

GoogleAllo for Web

Google is trying to redesign Allo for Web application so that users don’t need smartphone connectivity. The news about the Allo redesigning came from Justin Uberti, who is the Principal Engineer at Google. However, he did not state any time frame in which the reworked Allo for Web would be released.

Earlier Version of Allo for Web

According to Tech Times, the web version for Allo was released in August 2017, as confirmed in a tweet by Amit Fulay, the then Head of Product of Allo, but using it was quite tricky.

There was a pairing procedure, connecting the user’s Allo app on the smartphone with the computer, similar to WhatsApp for the web. Users have to scan the QR code on the Allo’s website after opening the app on their smartphones.

However, the problem with this version was that if the user’s phone battery dies or if the user quits the app, he will not be able to use the web app. This was obviously done for security purposes.

Users must also log out of the browser either using the computer or the mobile app, as there is no automatic sign out.

Reworked Version

However, now Allo for Web app is being reworked so that it becomes a standalone app. The most important aspect of Allo app is that it supports Google Assistant, so you can use the Assistant for answering questions during a chat session.

Google’s Allo is its flagship messaging solution and was primarily meant for personal messaging purposes. The app has been downloaded more than 10 million times all over the world.

The latest updates for Allo include supporting automatic transcripts. Another update enabled transcribing a voice message without having to play it out loud.

Google will be hosting the annual I/O conference on the 8th of May this year, and it is likely that there will be an announcement regarding future plans for Allo for Web and information about the reworking of the app, says Android Headlines.

Restrictions at Present

Though Google Allo has a web presence now, there are several restrictions. For one, users must have an Android smartphone and it works only using Chrome. In addition, users must have the latest version of the app and then link their accounts.

The phone has to be kept running and the user must be online in order to connect the web interface with the smartphone Allo application. Users might just find it much easier to use the app on their phone itself. Hence, the Allo for Web surely needs some reworking and redesigning.

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