Google Again Comes up with a Video on Special Features of Pixel 4 to Dispel Rumors

Google Again Comes up with a Video on Special Features of Pixel 4 to Dispel Rumors

You may recall Google releasing a render of its upcoming smartphone, the Google Pixel 4’s rear panel when there were rumors doing the rounds. The company has done it again; this time with a blog and a short video that demonstrates how the phone gets unlocked using the combination of the Soli radar chip and the front IR cameras. The accompanying blog explains with text. For good measure, there’s a render of the top part of the phone with a schematic identification of the different components on the much talked about wide forehead of the phone’s display.

The Project Soli Radar Chip is Key

Of the components you see lined up on that forehead of the Google Pixel, the two infrared cameras, the regular selfie camera, the face unlock dot projector and the flood illuminator, the Soli radar chip is the one to watch out for. If you watch the video which runs for less than 30 seconds, you will notice that when a girl’s face closes in on the Google Pixel 4, the illuminator lights up the face and the phone is unlocked. The way it works is that as you stretch your hand to pick the phone, the radar chip alerts the face unlock feature. It starts with the illuminator throwing the light and the IR camera reading the face and sending the signal to the phone to unlock. The entire process is quite smooth and swift as well.

Some Parallels to the iPhone Seen

A lot of people see this face unlock feature that will be part of the new Google Pixel 4 phones to be launched later this year to the ones already seen on the iPhone X. There is one clear difference though. In the iOS system, the phone first unlocks the device, then you use the swipe function with your finger to access the Home screen. Here, Google has integrated them all in one go.

The comparison immediately begs the question of what will Google do with the fingerprint sensor? There is no immediate clarity on this. The rear panel renders confirm the physical fingerprint sensor won’t be there. The under-display fingerprint scan can be there or Google may opt to eliminate it as Apple has done.

Google has emphasized that security is assigned the highest priority with the facial data being retained in the Titan M chip which cannot be accessed by any hacker.

The interest and excitement around the Google Pixel 4 and 4 XL are mounting day by day.



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