Gmail’s Biggest Security Flaw

Gmail is the most popular email service in the world. In fact, Gmail has grown so much over the past years that it now has a whopping total of 1.2 billion users. The thing that users appreciate most about Gmail (especially when compared to other services such as Yahoo! Mail) is that it’s safe and secure. The very concept of an email account is one that could potentially offer some malicious third parties the opportunity to gain unwarranted and unrestrained access to a rich pool of user data.

However, Gmail seemed to be quite protected against that. However, the reality is quite different lately. Not only has Gmail been under constant attacks (that sometimes proved successful) from hackers and other malicious agents, but it seems that Gmail still has a huge and unaddressed issue. Keep reading to find out what the main problem with Gmail is.

Unregulated Smartphone Access

The main security flaw that Gmail still has and that Google has failed to fix even now is the fact that it’s way too easy for ill-intended people to gain access to someone’s Gmail account through a lost smartphone or mobile device.

The Bright Side

Still, Google are working to make Gmail a safer place every day. Now they’re doing something revolutionary, namely working on stopping data collecting from going too far. This is one of our main concerns today as a society living in the tech age. Unfortunately, many tech companies take advantage of the access we grant them and use it in order to farm our data and build virtual profiles of us so that they know what kind of products to recommend or even push on us.

It’s refreshing to see Google fighting to put an end to this practice, or at least make it somewhat commonsensical again.