Gmail vs. Outlook – Best Features and Improvements Comparison

If you need an email service these days, most likely you will have to choose between Outlook and Gmail. Both of them are reliable and trustworthy services, but what do you do if you have to choose just one? Today we are going to have a look at these two email services and see what the main differences between the two of them are.

  1. Price and Storage

If you want to use Gmail or Outlook for the company, then you can download it with the rest of the office suits they belong to, namely Microsoft Office 365 or G-Suite. G-Suite offers 2 prices: $5 a month per user is the cost for 30 GB split between Gmail and the other office apps Google has. If you pay an extra $5 per user, you can upgrade to unlimited storage over all the platforms.

Meanwhile, Outlook offers various plans. The cheapest one costs $8 a month and it offers 50 GB for your inbox. The rest of the cloud office suite gets 1 TB of space. As such, we can pronounce Outlook the winner here.

  1. The Search Option

The search option is particularly useful if you need to track down an old email, for example. Gmail gives you the option of searching for older email while you are writing new ones. However, the whole process is rather clunky. It causes you to lose the dates, the message previews and the subject you are actually looking for. Even if you have a double-pane view of the inbox, you still can’t see everything. The main problem here is that you can’t see the search bar, the new message and the inbox at the same time.

On the other hand, Outlook offers a cleaner process of the new message. Their option is not perfect either, but the default inbox view is a double panel one. However, it’s better since you can still see the new message while looking for older emails.

  1. Integrating the Calendar

With this category, you have to know right from the start that neither of the two platforms offers a true solution for the calendar. They do offer you the option of syncing events with the calendar, but you can’t view both the Inbox and the calendar at the same time in the same tab. If you click on the tool bar in Outlook, it takes you to a separate window. In Gmail, if you click the Calendar icon, it will leave your Inbox open and add a new tab/window with it.

  1. UX

Of course, aesthetics are subjective, but they are also important when choosing an email service. Nobody wants to strain their eyes more than it’s necessary, so you definitely need some customizing options. Generally, Gmail goes light on your eyes, offering a text that is bigger than the one used in Outlook. Moreover, they also use bold whenever necessary, together with the inbox shading. However, Outlook is better at flagging emails, since the entire line will get highlighted in yellow.

  1. Security

When it comes to security, Gmail is definitely better. They used the two-step authentication feature long before Microsoft used it on its clients. This translates to the fact that if someone manages to steal your password, they can’t access the account. They will still need something else to log in, such as a security code, security questions, a touch ID or a retina scan.

Meanwhile, Outlook also uses a two-step authentication process, though they only added it in 2016. The main difference here is the fact that Outlook allows you to see any image instantly, while Gmail lets you select it before, which is better for the security.

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