Gmail vs. Inbox Update – Compare Google’s Email Services

Google’s products are used by millions of users everywhere and the company continues to improve itself and come up with new things. When it comes to email clients, Google owns one of the most popular services: Gmail. Right now it is the top choice for users, but Google decided to another thing and it released Inbox, a new email app based on an innovative concept.

App organization

This the main difference between these two. Inbox is an app that works only with Gmail. One the other hand Gmail will allow you to access all your accounts, whether they are from Yahoo, Outlook, Hotmail or something else.

However, Inbox will handle your emails better. The app will sort out the emails automatically. Purchases emails will go to one bundle, bills to another and so on. And you will also be able to create your own bundles.

App design

In terms of design there are some significant differences between the Gmail and Inbox apps.

When it comes to Gmail, the design is mostly the regular one. Selecting the menu or wiping from the left side will allow you to see all your inbox categories. Your emails will contain the avatar of the sender and unread messages will appear in bold. You can archive or delete an email with just a simple swipe.

Meanwhile, Inbox manages to come with something new. Inbox’s bundles will change the way you see your emails and spam-like promotions will be distanced from the important messages. Between your emails you will also see the reminders from your Calendar, so you won’t miss any important events.

The other gestures of Inbox are similar with Gmail, but it brings more color to its interface and a fresher look.

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