Gmail Login Issues And Its Fixing

Gmail Login Issues And Its Fixing

Gmail is one of the most used webmail services out there as it comes with many features and options. Today we will talk about some problems that many of you are facing while using Gmail.

So, if you had some issues with Gmail in the past and have not figured out how to fix them, you’ve come to the right place. Keep in mind that in some cases it is almost impossible to recover a Gmail account, so there are high chances that we can’t help you either.

Gmail: Couldn’t Sign In Error Message

If you own a device that runs on Android OS, you might find it hard to log into your Gmail account. If you receive a “Couldn’t Sign In” error message while trying to access your Gmail account from your smartphone/tablet, then you will need to make sure that you enter the correct credentials. However, if this message is blinking then you will have to log out and fill up the username and password of your Gmail account. To fix this problem you can also restart the device, but we recommend you to open your Gmail account from your laptop or PC and after that try to log in from your mobile handset.

Incorrect Username Or Password

Whenever you try to log into your Gmail account for the first time from a handset you will need to fill the full username and password accurately. However, if you still receive the “Incorrect Username” or “Incorrect Password” after trying several times, you will need to make sure that you don’t have the Caps Lock option checked on the virtual keyboard of your handset.

If it is enabled you will need to disable it and re-enter the username and password and hope it works. If you still get the “Incorrect Username/Password” error, you will have to re-check if you’ve inserted the username and password correctly. There are many users who prefer to have a hard password that involves lower and upper cases or even special characters, such as “!” or “$”.

If you fail to log into your Gmail account, we suggest you to just select the “Can’t access my account” option and recover your password.

Gmail Account Settings Have Changed

There are many users who get their accounts hacked. So, in case you find out that your username and password doesn’t work anymore, there are a few ways to recover it. If you’ve set a recovery email then you have the possibility to get your Gmail account back by requesting a password reset link in your alternative email account. However, if you have not set one, then you maybe have set a mobile phone number, which you can also use to recover your Gmail account.

In case you have not struggled with setting an alternative email account or a phone number to recover your account, then you are out of luck and you will have to try recovering the Gmail account by pressing the “Can’t access my account” link and select “Request Google’s help.”


Gmail is a great service, but you should always set an alternative email account or mobile phone number to easily recover your account. If you don’t have any of those set, then you might find it quite hard to get back your account. It is very hard to recover an email account if you can’t remember some important details that you’ve used when you’ve created the account, such as: real name, email account, date of birth etc.

Are you using Gmail as your main email account? Tell us what other issues have you faced while using this webmail service!



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