Definition of No Service

What Is No Service?

No Service is when you are trying to make a call from your Android phone and it shows Emergency call only.

This is a serious problem, there is no need to own a phone which can’t make calls when you need it. But No Service does not mean that it is time to throw away the phone, you need to understand what causes the No Service and then fix it. Don’t worry it’s not that complicated.

Steps To Follow To Fix No Service

> It may happen because of a software. So boot your phone to Safe mode and see if any app is the culprit and then delete it.

> The phone may also have a hardware problem, and that is causing the No Service massage. In such case you need to contact with your carrier or retailer.

Technobezz Explains No Service

No service can happen anytime anywhere on your android phone. You have to know some easy steps to fix the problem. There are multiple reasons that cause No Service. The best way to prevent is always keep the software’s updated and also go to the service store in regular intervals to make sure the phone’s hardware is in good condition. But in case of No Service try these steps to make the phones working again.


> Switch off the phone for few minute. Switch on again; sometimes this step fixes the problem.


> Remove the battery while phone is on and re-insert.


If these steps are no use, then it’s time to go the service center again.

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