Definition of TWRP – Team Win Recovery Project

What is TWRP – Team Win Recovery Project?

TWRP – Team Win Recovery Project, can be defined as an open source recovery image which is used for Android devices. It is a custom recovery method which is built for the users, keeping in mind their ease and customization.

> It has all the standard recovery options also includes AOSP recovery and then has several other features.

> It is totally based on touch, no more buttons required to do it.

> Its GUI is fully based on XML and provides several user friendly options, you can also change the themes if you like to.

Technobezz Explains TWRP – Team Win Recovery Project

TWRP is a touch enabled recovery tool which allows users to install third party firmwares with the option of backing up the current system. This feature is very rare as no other stock recoveries provide this. Therefore, users like to install this at the time of rooting their android system.

> You can easily fix the bugs, issues and improve the system by copying the zip files in the root of storage.

> You will be getting temperature support in it as well as the font support.

> Improvement for USB storage management.

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