Definition of Superuser (SU)

What is Superuser?

Superuser or SU means a user account which is pre-owned by the system administrator to perform the operations related to the system administration. The name for this account type may vary as per the operating system, it can be denoted as a root user, administrator, supervisor or admin.

> It is different from an ordinary account, as only a Superuser has the permission of making system wide changes.

> Those who are using windows as an OS can witness a prompt every time they try to run a process which requires administrator’s permission.

Technobezz Explains Superuser

Superuser is an account or app, which have all the administrative privileges and it can also be used to manage other process or apps on the android device which have access to SU.

> Those applications which have the SU permissions can modify any part of the system on their own.

> You can manage the apps which have the SU privileges by using SU app on your android device.

> For those who do not have the permission and try to make any modification in the system, a prompt was displayed asking for your permission first to make those changes.

> Superuser is preinstalled in every rooted ROM, without which your device won’t work.

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