Definition of PCODE View

What is PCODE View?

Pcode is the short form for product code, which describes a product or a group of products. Mostly people doesn’t know the PCODE for their product, they use to call it by its common name. A PCODE View is used to find the original product name of your product which was given by the manufacturer and is unique worldwide.

PCODE can vary in number of digits, some manufacturer use 3 digits, some uses 7 alphanumeric codes, etc.

Technobezz Explains PCODE View

PCODE View helps you in identifying the original product name of your android device, rather than the common name you are using. PCODE are needed when you are trying to find the updates for your device or looking for some drivers or added features and to make sure whether they will be compatible with the device or not.

> A Product code carries all the information in a coded form. It will give information about which industry it belongs to as every industry has its own PCODE, which they have to mention in their products.

> Pcode also tells about the class it belongs to.

> Its packaging method.

> Process applied on it.

> And also about the group code related to other similar types of products.

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