Definition of ODEX

What is ODEX?

An ODEX file can be defined as the pre processed versions of application files which are ready for execution for Dalvik. Application files are basically found in zip formats and the java code for it is stored in a file name classes.dex which is being processed by the Dalvik JVM and then the cache of this file is stored in the phone’s Dalvik Cache space.

> When we Odexed an application, the classes.dex file gets removed from the APK achieve and nothing gets written in the Dalvik cache space.

> Using odexed files is a great idea in case you are building custom ROM which will maximize the internal storage space for user apps.

Technobezz Explains ODEX

Odex files are the pre-processed version of classes.dex files which are found in the APK achieves. The application files which are not odexed have two copies of classes.dex file, one in the APK achieve and another in the Dalvik cache. Due to which the first launch of an app can take a bit longer as the Dalvik will take some time to extract and execute the classes.dex files.

Once the system is fully odexed, then it’s not easy to modify it.

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