Definition of NFC

What is NFC?

NFC stands for Near Field Communication, used to refer a short range wireless technology. NFC requires a distance of about 4cm or less to establish a connection. It helps you in sharing small data from a NFC tag and an android device or even can be used between two android devices.

NFC android devices mainly performs three main operations, which are

> Helps in reading and writing passive NFC tags.

> Allows data exchange with the other NFC devices.

> It can help in making the NFC device a NFC card.

Technobezz Explains NFC

NFC or Near field communication is used to establish a connection between two compatible devices, within a short range, to exchange data between them. Where one works as the transmitter and the other becomes the receiver.

> NFC devices can be defined as active or passive depending on how they are working.

> Active NFC devices includes Smartphone’s, etc., which can send and receive data and are able to communicate with the similar type of devices as well as the passive ones.

> Passive NFC devices consists of tags, transmitters (small ones), which can only send the data and doesn’t require a power source of them.

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