Definition of Network Lock MCC / MNC

What is MCC or MNC?


MCC means Mobile Country Code which is used in mobile phone networks in order to identify the country which a phone subscriber belongs to and MNC stands for Mobile Network Code. There is a Network Lock MCC / MNC on mobile phones for some restrictions, if it is used in other than home country, it needs to unlock it.

TECHNOBEZZ Explains Network Lock MCC/MNC


The mobile network code is a two digit code (North America) or three digit code (European Standard) that is utilized as a part of blend with a mobile country code to recognize a portable system administrator extraordinarily. The MCC-MNC tuple is put away inside the initial five or six digits of the IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity). The combination of MCC and MNC makes the Home network identity (HNI). But if you combine the HNI with MSIN the outcome is IMSI (integrated mobile subscriber identity).

In order to unlock the Network Lock MCC / MNC we need to enter some key codes in mobile phones. I.e. in India (Delhi) MCC is 404 and MNC is 4.

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