Definition of NAND partition

What is NAND partition?

In mobile phone NAND is referred as the flash memory of the device. NAND partition is used to store the personal data as well as important data as a backup so that if something goes wrong, you can reboot your device with the same settings and files.

Technobezz Explains NAND partition

NAND partition is a separated partition on your device to store your personal data and it will help you in avoiding the backup process while updating your rootf, in case there is some issue in it or you have overwritten the files somehow.

To establish a NAND partition,

> First of all check your NAND flash size by going into the BIOS and look for NAND info.

> Say, you will get a size of 256MB, then check for the current partitions by using printenv mtdparts command.

> You will see all the details of the partitions if you want to reduce the size of rootfs and want to create a user partition.

> You have to follow few commands and then create your user partition, mount back the partitions and save the changes.

> And restart your system or device to activate the new settings.

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