Definition of NAND FLASH S/N



NAND FLASH S/N is a type of flash memory (non-volatile technology) that runs without the power and also retains data. NAND FLASH memory has some finite number of write cycles. After some time, gradually the individual’s mobile phone fails and overall performance decreases, this is called wear out. New developments made in NAND FLASH S/N to increase storage capacity and lowering the power voltages demands.

There is two types of NAND FLASH S/N which are single level cell and multi-level cells.



NAND Flash S/N is a non-volatile technology. One of the profits of NAND Flash is its non-unpredictable capacity of information. Not at all like DRAM memory which must be controlled consistently to hold information, NAND Flash memory holds information actually when the force is off making it perfect as capacity for compact gadget. Single level cell and multi-level cells are the types of NAND FLASH S/N.

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