Definition of MOD

What is MOD?

MOD is a file format used in computers to represent music file. MOD stands for Module, they use the extension .MOD after the filename. A MOD file consists a set of instructions which are known as samples, it also has the information of how and when those samples are to be played, MOD file stores this in form of patterns which helps them in telling the play order.

Technobezz Explains MOD

MOD files basically contain music patterns and sound samples which are used for various musical instruments. The sound samples are arranged in an order, the patterns tells which sound to be played and when so that they remain in chorus with the main notes.

> MOD are also refer as the recording patterns used in digital tapeless camcorders.

> Mainly MOD files are stored in RAM area.

> Standard video and audio files use MOD extensions whereas high definition videos are nowadays stored in MPG or MPEG formats4.

> MOD files are not compatible for recording progressive scan videos; they don’t support the film or reality rate.

> There are limitations for MOD files which made it suboptimal for viewing videos.

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