Definition of MD5 CHECKSUM


MD5 CHECKSUM is the short name used for Message Digest, which is an algorithm used for data security and cryptography purposes. It’s a combination of alphanumeric values which is being associated with each and every file. Each file has its unique MD5 Checksum worldwide.

These MD5 Checksum are used to confirm the authenticity of any file by mere matching it.

Technobezz Explains MD5 CHECKSUM

MD5 Checksum is a 32 character number which is computed on each and every file and is unique in nature. If the two files have the same number then it means both are same.

Mostly when users try to download a firmware or an OS on their own device from the internet, they can check the MD5 CHECKSUM of those files to cross check their identity before installing them.

> You can use a freeware to check for the MD5 checksum, all you have to do is to open the tool, then select the file you have downloaded in the browse area.

> Then use the calculate button to calculate its MD5 checksum, it will generate the checksum for it.

> Then you can paste the given MD5 checksum on the second box and

> Then you can compare both of them and check whether your file is legit or not.

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