Definition of Kernel

What is Kernel?

Kernel is the most essential part of an operating system, it is the core or the central module which is responsible for all the basic operations of the system. It manages all the input/output messages from the applications and processes them.

Kernel is the first one to be loaded into the memory when an OS is loaded and it remains there till the OS is shut down. It manages other tasks as well like:

> Disk management

> Process and Task Management

> Memory Management

> Device Management

 Technobezz Explains Kernel

Kernel is the central part of an operating system which handles all the complete as well as incomplete I/O request, it works as a scheduler as well and prioritize the request and supervise them, till they are completed. Kernel allocates memory for the running applications, executes stacks for different programs and load files which are required by the app to perform the task

> All the applications request for kernel services in order to perform any task

> Kernel is like a bridge between all the software’s or applications and the system hardware’s.

> Kernel is responsible for managing all the system calls and for allocating resources.

> Kernel provides various methods for synchronization.

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