Definition of KANG

What is KANG?

KANG basically means using another developer’s work as your own and then publishing it with your name. Like, People use to do in open source projects. Android open KANG project is one such type of project which includes original codes of project owner as well as contains third party codes, features and control without their names in it.

More than 3.5 million users are using it globally.

Technobezz Explains KANG

KANG means using someone else work in your own work and then publishing it under your name only. People usually do this when they have open source projects, where all the developers are welcomed to make the changes and write the codes and the best ones are taken in account for the finalization keeping their names hidden.

KANG is not always a bad thing, it allow customizations which is not permitted by any factory firmware.

You can include features like

> Custom toggles

> LED controls

> Navigation ring

> Ribbon

> Vibration Patterns

> Native theme support

> Permission control

> CPU over locking

Using KANG can help in building a customized device, with more features and better performance. They release the latest build every month and even in 3 days time frame.

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