Definition of IPS

What is IPS?

IPS is the abbreviation used for In Plane Switching, which is a kind of LCD design used to provide users wide viewing angles, better and high quality color resolutions. In IPS panels the crystals are aligned horizontally to the screen, giving them free movement and keeping them parallel to the electrode pair.

> IPS provides consistent, accurate color, no matter from which angle you are seeing the device screen.

> It doesn’t get tailed or lighten when touched, hence, can be used for Smartphone and tablets.

> It can process high speed signals without any data loss.

> Have low resistance values as it uses copper wires in the panel.

> IPS works on stable response time.

Technobezz Explains IPS

IPS or In plane switching can be described as one of the screen technologies which are widely used for LCD displays. It overcomes all the limitations of twisted nematic (TN) field effect of LCD’s in 80’s.

> IPS works on high response time.

> It provides large number of viewing angles.

> Improves the picture quality by giving high definition color resolutions.

It also has few drawbacks, which are

> 15% more power is required for IPS panels.

> They are more expensive than the TN panels.

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