Definition Of IMEI

What is IMEI?


The IMIE or International Mobile Equipment identity is a unique 15 set of digital codes that are used for Android phones to identify them in case a user lost his or her phone. The 15 set digits will find the exact phone for the user even if the new user changed the SIM card. These 15 set digits are easy to find and remember.

>The 15 digits are printed on the back of the battery

>The numbers can also be seen on screen by simply dialing #06# from any Android phone


Technobezz Explains “IMEI”


IMEI is the easiest way to keep track of your Android phone. Before you start using your phone you need to find out these unique digits and keep this recorded in a safe place other than the android phone you are using. When you lost the phone just call your service provider and they will block the use of this Android phone. This 15 digit code is invented with the intension of stopping the criminal activities.

These 15 digits will have access to your personal database and before use it they will declare this to you.

This may not sound the safest way to keep your personal data safe but it is probably the only way to keep the exact tract of your phone.

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