Definition of HSUPA / HSDPA

What is HSUPA / HSDPA?

HSUPA stands for High Speed Uplink Packet Access and HSDPA stands for High Speed Downlink Packet Access, these are the two protocols used in High Speed Packet Access. These protocols help in improving the performance of the existing 3G network over the WCDMA network.

HSDPA is the protocol which is responsible for the data transmission from the network to the device, it can affects the browsing speed on your device which is used to watch online videos, browsing sites, downloading files etc. Whereas HSUPA is responsible for the transmission of data from your device to the network, it can affect the speed of sending online messages, emails, attachments of large files, which might include pictures, videos etc.

Technobezz Explains ” HSUPA / HSDPA”

HSUPA and HSDPA, both protocols are responsible for having a good 3G network and hence have the advantage over the WCDMA network. Few points about them:

> HSDPA is used for downloading the information from the internet whereas as HSUPA is used to upload the information on the internet.

> Most of the telecoms which provide 3G network, deploy HSDPA more often than HSUPA as downloading information is way ahead as compared to uploading information.

> HSDPA has higher speeds as compared to HSUPA over the 3G networks.

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