Definition of GCF Configuration

What is GCF Configuration?

GCF is the abbreviation used for Global Certification Forum, which is an independent certification scheme applicable on mobile phones and other wireless devices. Mostly those devices which are based on 3GPP and 3GPP2 standards follow them.

All the leading mobile industry players are using GCF configuration to make sure that the device will work effectively and efficiently on networks anywhere in the world.

Technobezz Explains GCF Configuration

GCF Configuration is an independent certification schemes which most of the mobile manufacturers are using, it needs one time test and then you can use it anywhere. It makes sure that you are able to use your mobile phone anywhere in the world without having any issues with the networks. The test includes

> Conformance

> field trial

> IOT requirements


If you want to test for GCF configuration in your device then you can run following steps and check for the installation yourself.

> First of all open command prompt then create gcf_config by typing cd gcf.

> Then create certificates by typing python src/

> Use python scr/ for GENI clearinghouse.

> Run python src/ for the GENI aggregate manager.

> Then python src/ for gcf client test script.

> All the tests will show passed.

In case there is an error you can refer to the client site for  further details.

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