Definition of FOTA

What is FOTA?

FOTA or Firmware over the Air is a mobile software management technology that allows the phone makers to upgrade the Android mobile phone without connected by any wire. FOTA is probably the best way to upgrade or update your phone since it is directly done by the mobile company. This updates only takes couple of minutes to upload.

> Sometimes ago consumers had to update the phone by connecting the phone with another device like computer.

> This uses to cause an inconsistent FOTA update.

> Nowadays the makers of the Android phones send the upgrades directly to the handset.

> These updates solve a lot of problems for the Android users.

Technobezz Explains FOTA

FOTA allows the manufacturer to fix a problem directly. This is the ideal way to fix any Android problem. All the updates are coming direct from the phone makers so the users can be sure that all these updates useful and will not cause any problem for the phone. Here are the benefits of FOTA:

> FOTA allows the makers to upgrade the phone.

> FOTA allows the makers to install the required new updates for the software.

> FOTA service continues even after the user purchased the phone.

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