Definition of EPOC

What is EPOC?

EPOC is the abbreviation used for Electronic Piece of Cheese, an enhanced name used for Psion EPOC-16 operating system. All the EPOC-16 devices have features like 8086 family processor and also have a 16 bit inbuilt architecture. It works as a single user pre emptive multitasking operating System, which was written in Intel 8086 assembly language and in C.

Technobezz Explains EPOC

EPOC can be illustrated as the latest development in the neuro technology. It is a personal interface between human and computers. EPOC can be described as a device with high quality resolution, multi-channel, wire free neuro-headset.

> EPOC consists of a set of about 14 sensors as well as two references to tune up the electric signals generated by the human brain so that it can detect your thoughts, feelings and expressions.

> You can enjoy the world’s fantasies by controlling and influencing virtual environment with your mind.

> You can access to applications, play games developed for especially for EPOC users and can have a totally different experience.

> You can easily use EPOC for continuously twelve hours of battery backup.

> Dongle is USB compatible and it doesn’t require any additional or custom driver for its installation.

> EPOC is a limited edition design.

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