Definition of Dump Menu for Dumping RIL

What are Dump Menu and RIL?


Dump Menu is an option provided by the android developers which provides you the image of installed ROM (read only memory), and allows you to retrieve the mobile phone setup if something goes awry. RIL stands for Radio Interface Layer in an OS (operating system) which provides and allows an interface to the H/W (Hardware) ratio and modem. E.g. a mobile phone

Dump Menu for Dumping RIL allows removing and retrieves the radio interface layer on mobile.

TECHNOBEZZ Explains “ Dump Menu for Dumping RIL”


Dump Menu for Dumping RIL permits uprooting and recover the radio interface layer on portable. While RIL works like, the Android Open Source Project gives a Radio Interface Layer between Android telephony administrations (android telephone) and the radio equipment.  It comprises of a stack of two parts: a RIL Daemon and a Vendor RIL. The RIL Daemon converses with the telephony administrations and dispatches “requested orders” to the Vendor RIL. The Vendor RIL is particular to a specific radio usage, and dispatches “spontaneous charges” up to the RIL Daemon.

*#745# RIL Dump Menu

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