Definition of DEODEXED


DEODEXED files refer to the ones which are repackaged into their original APK’s archive, into a certain way, so that they can reassemble with the classes.dex files. By deodexing you will put together all the pieces or files of an APK into one place which will remove all the conflicts occurred due to the modification in the APK archive due to separating the odexed files from it.

Technobezz Explains DEODEXED

Deodexed APK means that the APK has all their application packages back at one place, which will allow the OS to work smoothly and efficiently.

> Deodexing is done to make sure that no piece of the code comes from any external place, custom ROM or APK, which will ensure the integrity of the APK.

> By enabling the deodexing process, APKs are open for modifications.

> It is mostly used in custom ROMs and themes.

> Deodexing the ROM package helps the developer to modify several APK but also allows him to leave space for the post install themes.

> Mostly users who like to use various themes for their android and they want to modify them, use a deodexed ROM.

> But deodexing can result into slightly slower boot times.

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