Definition of CDMA

What is CDMA?

CDMA is the abbreviation used for Code Division Multiple Access which simply refers to the protocols which were used in the 2G and 3G networks. CDMA is made up by multiplexing several types of signals into a single transmission channel, by which the user can access the available bandwidth. This technology works on the UHF that is Ultra High Frequency systems.

CDMA also works as a converter and converts the analog signals to digital along with the spread spectrum technology. The frequency of the transmitted signal can varies in a pattern so that the receiver whose frequency is programmed with the same code or pattern only gets the response.

Tecnobezz Explains CDMA

CDMA network works on the combination of digital and spread spectrum technology, hence it can produce as many signals as analog modes per unit bandwidth. CDMA is compatible with all the cellular technologies and hence easily used nationwide, even when you are on roaming.

CDMA uses network based lists to authenticate their subscriber which insures more safety and privacy for them. This also makes it difficult in case you want to change your headset, because for that you need the permission of your carrier provider.

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