Definition of Bloatware

What is Bloatware?

Bloatware can be described as a software which has lots of features and requires large amount of disk space and RAM to install as well as run it. Mostly these features are unnecessary and only reduce the device performance.

Bloatware software’s are also termed as software bloat, and is the result of feature overload, where the developer tries to fit in all the available features in the software irrespective of its need in it.

Technobezz Explains Bloatware

Bloatware is the name given to those software’s which have useless features and not only require more space in the disk but consume large amount of RAM to install and to run them. Bloatware can also be referred as a slang term given to those programs which came pre installed in a new device especially in PC’s. Most of them are only the Demo or trial version so that the users go for buying the full version in the end.

Bloatware is the result of adding more features to a software to attract the new user, which end up making the software useless, consuming more space, and requiring more time to run smoothly, which also requires up gradation so that it keeps on running without errors.

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