Definition of .apk or APK

What is .apk or APK?

APK refers to the android application package file, which is a file format used for distributing and installing the application software’s in an android device. These files are type of archive files and are found in ZIP formats having a file extension of .apk.

> APK file is created by compiling a program for android, then all the subparts are packaged together into a single file.

> APK file has all the necessary files which is required to install the software application including the program code, resources, certificates, assets and manifest file.

Technobezz Explains .apk or APK

APK file is an archived file, which contains all the necessary files to install or distribute application software or a middleware in an android device. They generally have an extension file name of .apk and are found in JAR file format.

> It’s easy to install APK files from the internet browser on your device.

> Open browser, look for the APK file you are willing to download.

> Tap it for download.

> Once the download finishes, open the folder where you saved it, tap on it again.

> Answer the prompt by tapping on yes.

> The app will start installing on your android device.

> It’s similar to the .exe files which we use for installing software’s in PC’s.

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