Definition of Airplane mode

What is Airplane mode?

Airplane mode is a setting, which is now available in most of the electronic devices and Smartphones. Its function is to suspend all sorts of device signal transmissions as soon as it was activated, which also disables the common functions of a mobile phone like placing or receiving of calls, text messages. But you can use other functions which do not require any sort of signal transmission, like camera, video player, mp3 player, play games, etc.

People use Airplane mode while travelling via aircraft, where the usage of mobile phones and other electronic devices which are used to receive and send signals are prohibited, as it is considered that these signals can create disturbance for the ground networks and also distort the flight signals.

Technobezz Explains Airplane mode

Airplane mode or flight mode or aeroplane mode, offline mode and standalone mode, all are names used for enabling the setting by which all the signal transmitting technologies are disabled which includes all the cellular services too.  But if you want you can use the other applications while on the flight mode, which are not using any type of signal transmission. You can use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth too by separately enabling them while the device is set for the airplane mode.

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