Definition of ADB

What is ADB?

ABD or Android Debug Bridge, it works as a link between the developers and android applications to work out on bugs in it. To establish this link, you have to connect your device, on which the software is working with a PC, and then you feed in the terminal commands.

ADB is the easiest way of modifying your device or its software’s, using PC command prompt

Technobezz Explains ADB

ADB is a resourceful tool which works on your device through the command line of your PC. You have to establish a connection between these too first then only you can use ADB. It works on the principal of client server relationship.

> Client runs on your development system which can easily be invoked, using adb commands.

> Server runs as a background process on the same system and it is responsible for managing all the communications between the client and adb daemon on the device.

> A daemon is also a background process runs on a software or device instance.

Once the server remains successful in connecting with all the software’s, you can use adb commands to access them. Since server is the core part, which manages the connection between the system and software, you can access adb commands from any client.

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