Getting all your data on Cloud – It’s easy, cheap and effective

Getting all your data on Cloud – It’s easy, cheap and effective

Cloud technology has been around for a pretty long time now, which makes it pretty amazing that some people still aren’t aware of its existence and its benefits. To keep it short, cloud technology revolves around storing all your files and data in general online instead of using your computer or device’s internal storage space. There are multiple benefits that come with this kind of move, and we’re going to go over them in just a second.

Huge storage capacity

When you’re using the cloud, you gain access to storage space that you probably would never have access to on your computer. Sure, 2TB drives are quite common today among power users, but they’re expensive. Cloud technology gives you access to that kind of storage power without having to commit financial suicide in the process. Now that you have a huge amount of space at your disposal on the cloud, you can use your savings on other things which you can even store on the cloud.

Sharing is extremely easy

If you’re the kind of person that likes to send stuff to their friends all the time, then there’s no question about it: you need cloud storage. When you’re trying to send stuff that’s on your local drive, you always need to transfer it onto another medium, whether it’s an online platform or something along the lines of a portable USB drive. Either way, it takes time and it’s as inconvenient as it is slow. With cloud technology, you can instantly share data with anyone you choose. Simply send them the link towards where you’ve saved the files on the cloud platform and they can access it and download it. There’s no effort needed on anyone’s part.

Keep backups safe

Keeping backups of your data is crucial in most cases. It allows you to keep your files safe and have a copy of them in case something happens to the originals. However, storing backups on the local drive can be dangerous and ineffective. For example, if something happens to your computer, your backups will be as good as toast, just like the originals. Keeping your backups on a cloud platform allows you to access them online anytime you need them. No matter what happens to your device, you can always use a new one to access your cloud storage and retrieve the safely kept backups.

When it comes to actually choosing a cloud storage service, there are many options available. Be sure to check what multiple service providers are offering in terms of features and you will be able to figure out for yourself which is the best for you.



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