Getting Adobe Flash Player to work with Xfinity/Comcast

Getting Adobe Flash Player to work with Xfinity/Comcast

Comcast is a great way of recording and watching TV programs on your computer, and many people have enjoyed using this service for a long time. However, modifications to their applications made it so that people couldn’t use Flash Player in conjunction with their services anymore. This was of course, not done on purpose, but regardless of that detail, the problem remains for many frustrated customers. To be more specific, we are talking about the problem with Flash Player, which appears as “not working” when used with Comcast’s services. This used to not be a problem at all so for users to simply “get” this issue one day doesn’t bode well.

Fixing the Comcast – Flash problem in Google Chrome

After trying several solutions, a fix has been found for those that are using Google’s Chrome browser to use the Comcast Web application. The official Comcast Web portal can make things difficult for Flash Player, but the solution has been found amidst Chrome’s settings, which seem to have been altered by some of the modifications made by Comcast/Xfinity to their apps and services.

Blocked URLs

It would seem that there are a chance Chrome users have two blocked URLs about Comcast and Xfinity respectively, which ultimately causes Flash Player to act as if it is unavailable when said services are being used. To make things go back to normal, Chrome users have to delete these URLs from the Blocked category in their browser settings. Here is how you can do that in a few easy steps:

Removing the blocked URLs

  1. The first step is to open the Settings menu in Chrome.
  2. Once the user has made their way into the Google Chrome settings page, they need to look for the Advanced section of the settings and search the first block of options.
  3. There, they need to find the Content Settings option and access that sub-menu to gain access to the Flash options.
  4. Once they open the Flash section in the Content Settings, they need to scroll to the Blocked area where all the blocked websites and URLs are displayed.
  5. Here, users must make sure that there is no URL pertaining to either Xfinity or Comcast, and if there are, that they are promptly removed from the Blocked section.
  6. Before deleting any URLs from the blocked section, it’s best if they are copied or noted somewhere, just in case there is a need to revert to original settings later on.

The problem between Adobe Flash Player and Comcast’s app has been spotted across all major browsers, but as far as Google Chrome goes, removing those URLs from the Blocked section seems to have done the trick.

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