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Get Updated With Google Earth Pro Latest Version

The most recent released version of Google Earth Pro is which many people have waited to come. Highlighted here are the most significant additions to the current version of the app. Here are some of the features that you might want to consider.

  • Most recent app framework that would enable many features.
  • Networking stack to support the latest security updates and encryption.
  • Ultra high-res display support.
  • A backend that would support some audio playback, recording, and creation of video creation on all operating systems.
  • Simplification of some troubleshooting tasks using a repair tool utility. This would include resetting preferences and resetting Earth data cache.

If you haven’t updated to the Google Earth Pro version yet, you might want to know that several convincing features. Here are some of them.

  • Availability of Advanced Measurements
  • Printing images at high-resolution up to 4800 x 3200px
  • Data layers that are exclusive of the Pro version, which include traffic count, parcels, and demographics
  • Importing GIS in order to visualize MapInfo and ESRI Shapefiles files
  • Ability to export some Quicktime HD and Windows Media videos that reach up to 1920 x 1080px resolution.

As the most recent version would suggest, this has been made for businesses. Thus, it would provide advantages to businesses, as well as organizations, in terms of presentation and research. Moreover, users should be able to create various media via the Microsoft Movie Maker.

Aside from the measurement tools that you can use, Google Earth Pro could offer more on the table because it can do so much more tasks. In fact, it is able to measure straight lines, as well as areas, which should be a critical feature when you would want to acquire geographical data more accurately.

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