Get Ready for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in Silver 

In order to have their devices in the spotlight of the media, smartphone companies will do anything requested. The sales of the company can potentially increase with every appearance of their device in the news. This strategy is all over the place in different ways, but the most popular is the introduction of a new color variant. Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 was released more than a month ago, and the new color was already leaked and estimated to get to the United States.

What happens to colors

The Galaxy Note 9 was launched by Samsung in a good variety of colors such as Midnight Black, Ocean Blue, Metallic Copper, and Lavender Purple. When customers have more opportunities to choose from it makes them loyal to the company, and the smartphone OEM gets some additional burden as well. This is the reason that stays behind the release of only a few color variants. When it comes to the strategies of the big OEMs if some colors are not sold as many as they expected they could rid of them by offering promotions through partner retailers and in this way they will manage their inventory.

In case you did not know, all smartphone manufacturers compete on a daily basis in order to keep their flagship smartphones wanted, on the news and better than their competitors. Even though sometimes a specific color will only be available in a certain region and be offered by a certain retailer, it will still make it into the headlines. According to MySmartPrice, the Galaxy Note 9 will come in the color Silver as well or at least this is what a press render assumes. This shade is similar to the Arctic Silver we saw Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus and Samsung Galaxy S8 featuring, so it is not a surprise to offer Galaxy Note 9 in this variant as well.

Based on information from Android Authority, Samsung Galaxy Note 9’s silver edition will come in both 512GB and 128GB even though it was initially planned by the South Korean tech giant to bring the silver option with only one variant of storage. However this color makes the phone look so elegant and unique, but despite the color, the Galaxy Note 9 is one of the best Android phones to hit the market.

Further details on the Note 9

In case you forgot or you have your mind foggy, beside is great performance and reputation, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is also one of the most expensive phones as it is equipped with innovative features such as a smarter stylus, a dual-lens camera with variable aperture, up to 512GB of internal storage which can be extended, a massive 4,000 mAh battery, a desktop mode which does not ask for additional accessories, and a system that dissipates the heat which can’t be found in other phones.

According to ZDNet’s review of the Note 9 which got released recently, this can’t get more glorious than it actually is. The person who reviewed the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 says that even though perfection does not exist, this device can be considered perfect.

According to him, the phone does not miss anything contrary to other flagships. The phone has a microSD expansion card, a headset jack measuring 3,5 mm, takes great pictures and many more. Besides all these advantages, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, based on tests, will last you a full day of usage so you will not need to worry about finding a charger in the middle of an important meeting.

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