How to Get Phantom for Snapchat without Jailbreaking your iOS

How to Get Phantom for Snapchat without Jailbreaking your iOS

Snapchat is very popular among sharing quick photos on social media.

But it has some annoying features which can be dealt with if you’re using the right tricks to avoid some restrictions. By using those tricks you can save incoming snaps without having your app locked for a period of time.

Get Phantom for Snapchat

You can take control of the annoying features in Snapchat with the help of Phantom and you don’t even need to jailbreak your phone.

By using another app, called Extensify you can install Phantom for your Snapchat app and get started on breaking some rules.

What Does Phantom Bring to the Table?

You can save incoming and outgoing snaps in a different folder. So you’re not just living the moment with Snapchat, you’ll get to relive it and keep it forever with Phantom. Some may think it’s not an ethical method, while others are quite pleased about it. There’s also the possibility of sending pictures from your gallery instead of taking snaps. Phantom also chips in with some nice caption effects that Snapchat doesn’t have.

Guide on How to Download and Install Phantom on Your Device

First of all you must get Extensify in order to get Phantom integrated into Snapchat.

  1. Launch the browser and download Extensify from the official website
  2. At the bottom of the page you will find “Apply for Code”.
  3. Tap it after you’ve entered your email address.
  4. You will receive the code in an email, reopen the official website and at the top of the page enter the code you previously received and tap on ‘Redeem’.
  5. You can now download and then install Extensify.
  6. Open the app and search for ‘Phantom Exo’.
  7. After you’ve found it, select ‘Get’ and download it.
  8. Install Phantom and open it from your home screen.



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