Get Mega Deals on Amazon Prime Day 2019 on July 15

The Amazon Prime Day each year is celebrated as the retailer’s anniversary. On this day Amazon announces mega-deals that are a 50% discount on most electronics and FMCG products. This is treated as an annual shopping event by customers around the world. Due to heavy discounts in select categories, they end up buying many products. Every year Amazon announces the list of discounts on the date it celebrates its anniversary for the customers to take advantage of its deals and discounts.

What to Expect From the Deals This Year

Amazon Prime Day usually lasts for 36 hours. Consumers all over the world can take advantage of these deals and discounts and buy stuff they like. You can expect the biggest discounts coming from Amazon’s own products in various categories. You can buy Fire tablets, Echo speakers, Kindle readers, Blink cameras and many other Amazon-owned products at heavy discounts on this day of the annual celebration. It is expected that this year there will be at least 50 % discounts on these products.

How to Shop on Amazon Prime Day 2019

You will need to have a PC or a laptop with the Amazon App downloaded in it and connected to the internet. Alexa compatible devices can take voice commands to take you to Amazon Prime Deals directly. With this facility, you can buy many products with voice commands through the tablet. If you have the Amazon mobile app on your phone, you can shop for products with deals using this. If you have been an Amazon paid subscriber since long, you can get the best of deals on this day. It is not recommended to subscribe to Amazon just for this day as it will not be profitable to you as a customer.

Amazon Prime Day 2019

How to Get the Best of Deals on This Day

This is an annual sale with mega deals and initially, you are going to be tempted to hop on to any deal that is displayed on the Amazon website. You can get the best of deals if you do not rush and take time to navigate through the list of deals available for the same product. If you have been eyeballing a product since long, check for the deals on that product in the past and compare the prices to see if there is a major discount for it this season. You can use a price comparison tool such as Camelcamelcamel that tracks the price history for a product in Amazon. You just have to copy-paste the product URL in the URL box of this website to get relevant information.

Get Product Price Alerts

Sign up for product price alerts so you can compare the price for products you want to buy, available on other websites like Best Buy, Walmart, etc. On Amazon Prime Day, you might as well find a product that is available for a lesser price on other retail websites. This is your chance to get the best discounts for products available on Amazon and these are the tips you can follow to get the best of deals on this day.

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