Get Excited about the Samsung Galaxy S10’s Qualcomm Snapdragon 7nm chipset

Contrary to Galaxy Note 9 which will have a similar design to its predecessor, 2019 brings a whole new design for Galaxy S10. As Samsung is continually working on their upcoming S flagship, rumors say we might have it launched as early as 8th of January at CES 2019.

The Design

Samsung Galaxy S10 will have a bezel-less design along with an Infinity display. Beside that, The South Korean company will introduce the ultrasonic fingerprint reader into the phone’s display, according to BGR. On the back o Galaxy S10+ and S10, you will find a triple-lens camera while the Plus version will also enable Portrait Mode Selfies thanks to its dual-lens front camera.

Other Rumors

Besides Galaxy S10’s design, a new Qualcomm Snapdragon 7nm chipset will come with the phone and Samsung Exynos lines. The efficiency and performance of the phone are expected to improve thanks to this chipset along with something that has never been introduced in previous S models before, the LPDDR5 RAM chips and UFS3.0 flash storage modules.

If you did not get excited enough, Ice Universe Twitted a cryptic message on Tuesday. However, he did not release any specific details.

As if all that wasn’t exciting enough, one of the world’s most reliable sources of Samsung leaks posted a cryptic message on Twitter early Tuesday morning. The leaker didn’t offer any specifics in this particular tweet, but to say my interest is piqued is an understatement.

The most reliable source of leaks about Samsung who never stops enhancing us with information about not yet released phones, this is what Ice Universe says:

Ice Universe is a native Chinese so that English might sound like a little too much. However, you can still get the message. The leaker mentioned has always been sharing accurate information so we can get excited now that Samsung Galaxy S10  “ will have innovations you can’t imagine.”

Aside from the great innovations we already mentioned, Samsung Galaxy S10 will come with even more amazing features, so now you have got no reason not to be at least 50% excited especially if you are a tech fan.

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